Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Vacancy for Band 4/3 Nuclear Safeguards Officer

Location Bootle, London, Cheltenham
Salary £47,570 - £63,118 (plus an additional £4,052 is added for London Weighting if the successful individual is London based)
Close date 16 Aug 2020

Job description

Job Purpose

ONR’s current role is to oversee the application of nuclear safeguards to ensure that the UK complies with its international safeguards obligations.  This includes working with the UK nuclear industry and others to whom safeguards requirements apply, and safeguards inspectors from the European Commission (Euratom) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to make sure that the safeguards measures applied are both effective and efficient.

ONR’s safeguards role will change substantially at the end of the transition period following the UK’s departure from Euratom.  We will be directly responsible for meeting the UK’s international safeguards obligations to the IAEA and others, and for regulating compliance against new UK safeguards regulations that will come into force when Euratom’s involvement ceases.  The Nuclear Safeguards Officer positions are an opportunity to join the ONR safeguards sub-Division we have established to undertake ONR’s new role in this area.

The Safeguards sub-Division is part of ONR’s Civil Nuclear Security and Safeguards Division and works in close cooperation with colleagues across the full range of ONR’s directorates, which provides opportunities to gain the broadest possible insight and to make valuable contributions to the work of the organisation as a whole.

About The Role

Post holders will have a key role in delivering ONR’s safeguards purpose helping to:

  • ensure that the UK meets its international safeguards obligations.  This will include the collection, review and assessment of safeguards-relevant information necessary to produce nuclear materials accountancy and other safeguards declarations that must be submitted to the IAEA, and the facilitation of IAEA verification activities for these declarations. It will also include producing reports which the UK must provide under new Nuclear Co-operation Agreements (NCAs) to other international partners;
  • perform the assessment, inspection and other activities that will be part what of ONR does to regulate compliance against new UK safeguards regulations that come into force when Euratom’s involvement ceases at the end of the current transition period;
  • provide advice and support to BEIS and Other Government Departments on matters relating to safeguards implementation and associated policy development.

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Updated 2014-12-15